Saltwater Songlines Project
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I grew up on Sydney's beaches, my Dad once a surf-lifesaver. Its  sandstone-and-liquid landscape is etched in my tissues, a cellular memory in bone and body-fluid.

As we encounter that which surrounds us, allowing it to touch us, we discover its visceral, felt reflection within our own corporeal terrain; a continuum of the inner and outer geographies of the Body. A living, vibrant frequency.

An embodied ecology.

Of river and delta and internal waterways. Of unfurling, reaching rainforest of lung; resonance of bone-rock and tracery of lichen-nerve. One.

The body.  As felt, known, poetic place. Through image and film making, through words written and vocal-earth sounds, through embodied movement practices.


Walking on Country
Listening, Dance, Sounding


Put your hand here, he says to me. My father.
The surf lifesaver; standing with me on a Coogee sandstone cliff.

What do you hear?
Where do you feel that - in your body?
Where does that move, as it travels through you?
And, most importantly;

what will you do with that!?

I am four, maybe five, years old.

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Experience your embodied consciousness - through lucent image, the deep ecology of your interior body, within environmental dance & sound.

Your magnificence, held in spaciousness. A Benediction.


For You, Now!

short image film:
weaving new songlines

click on the image to watch the film. soundscape by david parsons with grateful permission.

The Notes to the Film offer important context. This film was part of the Weaving New Songlines Global Ceremonies. The new Dreaming.
Please enjoy the Film xo

two new films march 1, 2021

Two New Films, offered as Blessing;
Benedictus and Sea Grass Dreaming

Benedictus ~

please click on the image to watch the short film, ‘benedictus’ - 2+ mins

Sea Grass Dreaming ~

please click on the image to watch ‘water sea grass dreaming’ - 10 mins

the embodiment conference 2020

Presenting The Saltwater Songlines Project!

click on the image above to watch the recording (for free!) of this presentation at the embodiment conference oct 2020

I am so deeply happy to have presented this project of earth and sea stewardship at the Embodiment Conference in October.

Through somatic practice, I’ll be sharing my photographic images to facilitate deep embodied experiences of the tissues of the earth in intimate relationship with the tissues of our bodies; specifically bone-rock, sand-connective tissue and our interior waterways. My images contain codes of consciousness; direct transmissions from Earth, Spirit, and the Ancestors and Beings of Place. 

Recent Lead up Events during 2020:

Embodiment Conference Pain Day June 13, 2020
In this Presentation, I explored a different paradigm in meeting the experience of pain through embodying the tissues of our internal waterways and connective tissue sandscapes as a fluid relationship with Place. This Presentation received fantastic reviews, and initiated beautiful flow ons in the form of deep collaborations . . .

Click the image to play the video recording of that presentation. prepare to flow deeply . . .

Embodiment Conference Australasian Event.
June 27, 2020. In this Presentation, I presented both the Science and the Embodiment of Yoga for Scoliosis and Back Pain.

click on the image to watch the video recording of that presentation

movement monastery

A developing resource of visual and audio meditations, breath and movement practices, made in coastal environments and reflecting the fluid body in relationship with earth and sea.
For You xox

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a short version (4.5 mins) of ‘the tidal liminal’ film. click to watch directly in vimeo. enjoy xo

About Narelle

Woman of the Sea
walker of Songlines

Narelle Carter-Quinlan is a Photographer and Writer, a Dance Maker, Sounder, Transformer and a Yogi. Her Practice is one of mapping the Body-Land in sensation, through conscious movement, image making, and word.

Her unique body of work integrates movement and sound practices with the embodiment of your form in relationship to Place and ecosystem. Her somatic and photography Practices are grounded in experiencing the body as part of the living breathing land; the places where Country echoes and co-creates our own physicality. We are, after all, One.

Over the past decade, Narelle has travelled often as a chosen way of life. A global nomad, Waking her Saltwater Songlines. Always, making images as Spiritual Practice. For the now, she is staying home, in Australia, and lives solo aboard a sailboat.

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Work with Narelle


Mentoring is a sacred relationship.
Tender listening, communion, and support.
I am currently accepting Mentoring Applications (via friendly complimentary Chats), to commence Mentoring Sessions February-March 2021.

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Read more and connect with me here

Gratitude: ‘Narelle is an elder with timeless wisdom that opens doors beyond words. Through her own lived and embodied experience she brings the old ways into the present to help humanity connect to their birth rite [deliberate] and inner knowing. Through her guidance and stories, I feel spaces welcomed and deep cellular remembering being anchored into my physical body and the beauty of innocence returning. As I walk beside her, I am learning to see with all my senses, experience flow and trust the fullness and possibilities of life.’
- Raquel, Australia 2021

transformation sessions

Gently supporting your conscious forward movement in this time of profound change. I’m currently accepting Transformation Applications (via friendly complimentary Chats) to commence Sessions February-March 2021.
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Gratitude: ‘Working with Narelle is like traveling to new dimensions and at the same time sitting in front of a treasure chest with a good friend, finding and selecting wisdom, one after another. Marveling about the richness. There has been so much joy and dedication in this exploration. Thank you so much for this journey to my commemorative spaces and vastness of being all that. This keeps guiding me along.’
-Alexandra, Vienna Austria 2021

Saltwater Songlines

saltwater songlines
online Mentoring & group program

A combination of Mentoring and home paced immersion, in which you work within your own Project, and travel through diverse ecosystems inner and outer. This Program is for those who are vitally engaged with the deep changes that are sweeping through humanity, societies, and our ecosystems.

We begin May 31, running through June-July 2021

Applications are open NOW ~

More information lives here >

Gratitude: ‘I marvel at the transparent technology of trans-formation that Narelle spins out of presence in the moment, out of sound and movement, and of a deeply personal, yet transpersonal vision of ‘country’ that weaves earth and sea and sky and human into seamless yet perfectly differentiated visual and soundscapes that permeate layers of time, experience and memory with healing vibratory frequencies. Her presence in the virtual room, held by words and felt sense, contains within it the whole of all that she expresses in each medium she creates, or co-creates inside the currents of life. She is whole, and this vibrates fractalized codes of wholeness, radiant transmissions that carry a lifeline, a message of holos, like a message in a bottle floating through the seas, intact, seeded with a knowing that was never lost in truth. A message that resonated within and along the fractal threads of my own substance, and led me to know and to sense my own embodied wholeness, exploding in freedom, spaciousness, light and flow, liberating and uplifting long-imprisoned photons yearning to fly, to glide, to land – all at once.’
-Maria, United States, 2021

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three books

I’m currently writing three books.

~ The first, a Memoir from 2016 - 2019;
Australian Woman American Man

~ The second, A Saltwater Songlines Journey in image, word, embodied practice.

~ The third, a book and online resource experience exploring the felt relationship of body and land through the spine, in symmetry and asymmetry;

Yoga, the Spine and Scoliosis - An Embodied Terrain of Earth, Sea & Wholeness

I’ll be sharing excerpts from these books with my subscribers; image, film, audio and word.

Please join me xo


my Songlines - important info

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yoga and scoliosis

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